Stop looking for the one – find the all

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I decided to write about most women’s mission in life – finding “the one”. Everyone always tells me “the one will come” or “someday you will meet the one”. When you go out, you make sure to look your best, because what if you meet the one. We spend half of our lives hoping to meet the one. Searching for the one. Frankly, I don’t want the one – and you’re not supposed either. You deserve more than just the one… Continue reading


Carl’s Coffee Shop

Getting out of the car in front of Carl’s Coffee Shop, the peaceful scenery of what 18th Avenue, Rietondale is, surrounded me. Birds chirping and a cool breeze blowing through the trees, greeting me as if they are just as happy to see me as the smiling waiter is, standing ready to be at my service on the porch. Stepping inside, a big “Comby-grill” welcomes you with open arms and I felt right at home… Continue reading

Rainy Mondays

It’s raining this morning in Pretoria, South Africa and I’ll tell you this, except for birthdays, rainy days are my favorite. I am a true pluviophile (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Rain makes everything better – stuck in traffic? No worries, you can watch rain drops racing each other down your car window and feel like a kid again. Or if you are luckier than the rest of us, you can curl up on your favorite chair, under a blanket, drinking coffee from your favorite mug, listening to the rain drops dance on your rooftop. You can see the grass, trees and plants rejoicing after craving a drink of cool rain. Continue reading

Industrial Coffee Works

“Good afternoon, can I offer you something to drink?” the friendly waitress asked, as me and my Aunt settled down. I had a quick look at the coffee section of the menu. “Hmm, Outlaw or Family blend?” “Depends Ma’am, if you like strong coffee then the Outlaw blend is for you.” Never mind the strength of the coffee, being the bad-ass that I am, I obviously opted for the Outlaw blend. “Two Outlaw blend cappuccinos, please.” Continue reading