Carl’s Coffee Shop

Getting out of the car in front of Carl’s Coffee Shop, the peaceful scenery of what 18th Avenue, Rietondale is, surrounded me. Birds chirping and a cool breeze blowing through the trees, greeting me as if they are just as happy to see me as the smiling waiter is, standing ready to be at my service on the porch. Stepping inside, a big “Comby-grill” welcomes you with open arms and I felt right at home…“What can I get for you today?” “Cappuccino with foam, please.” I look around to admire the décor, it’s rustic and wooden and just great with the warm feeling of friendliness to tie it all together. In the corner I see a business man sitting all too serious behind his laptop, and you shoulcc5d’ve seen how uplifted he looked when the waitress brought him his coffee. The weight of whatever was on that laptop, lifted completely off of his shoulders and forgotten for a moment, a beautiful thing to see. On the porch sits two lovers, on one of Carl’s Coffee sofas romantically placed so you can sit tightly next to each other, sharing a warm drink while comfortably staring into each other’s eyes, without the interference of a cold table between the two of you. This goes to show that, Carl’s Coffee Shop is made for anyone from stressed business men looking to escape their worried laptops with an excellent cup of coffee, to lovers celebrating love in the best way I can think of – coffee on the porch of Carl’s Coffee, to me; a shy girl trying her luck at blogging.

“Your cappuccino.” “Thanks.” Immediately, I take out my phone – still saving for a real camera – and take pictures of my cappuccino. Their slogan is “Get on the bus…” and when the first sip hits my soul, I know why, it is because that bus takes you to cappuccino heaven! “Excuse me.” I looked up and that is when I met Vusi, the barista. cc3 “I saw you taking pictures of the cappuccino. Would you mind ordering another, I have something special I want to make you.” Are you kidding! I’ve been waiting for a barista to say that to me since forever! “Thank you, I would love that!” I said, excitedly. “I am a coffee blogger.” I added. He smiled and after a few minutes he arrived with the most amazing looking cappuccino, ever. A fire breathing dragon! Amazing!cc1  “You have a fantastic talent!” “Thank you, I’ve been practicing different designs and this is my latest.” I’ve never seen anything like it, he went on to tell me that he is busy with a campaign where clients can request what animal they want in their cappuccino and he will create it for them.

So, if you ever come to Carl’s Coffee, and I suggest you come and treat yourself a.s.a.p. cc2ask for Vusi and request your favourite animal to be made into a cappuccino.

I love the creativity, friendliness and above all the great tasting coffee being served up at Carl’s Coffee Shop.


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