Rainy Mondays

It’s raining this morning in Pretoria, South Africa and I’ll tell you this, except for birthdays, rainy days are my favorite. I am a true pluviophile (n) a lover of rain; someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days. Rain makes everything better – stuck in traffic? No worries, you can watch rain drops racing each other down your car window and feel like a kid again. Or if you are luckier than the rest of us, you can curl up on your favorite chair, under a blanket, drinking coffee from your favorite mug, listening to the rain drops dance on your rooftop. You can see the grass, trees and plants rejoicing after craving a drink of cool rain.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those stuck in traffic instead of being stuck under a blanket, but still very breath I take, walking up to my office, fills my lunges with the freshest air Pretoria has to offer. Somewhere I hear a bullfrog calling, not sure if he is the prince I’ve been waiting for, disguised as a frog, calling me for a kiss or just a slimy bullfrog thankful for the rain. I wasn’t about to find out, so I just smiled. “Keep calling little buddy, I’d like some more rain too.” Walking underneath the trees, the rain drops always seem to be way bigger and expert navigators, finding their way in between the collar of my shirt and my back. I am in desperate need of rain boots, I realized after accidentally stepping into a puddle of water. Reminding me that, that it is still a Monday. I kicked my shoes in, under my desk and made my way to the kitchen for a, well-deserved, rainy-day-coffee. I didn’t think it is possible for coffee to taste better than it already does, until I walk out on the porch and the smell of coffee and a washed off earth collaborate to create the best smell anyone could ask for. A masterpiece, really. My first sip, hot, in contrast of the cool breeze blowing bringing a pour down with it. I sigh a steamy sigh of pure content.

Rainy Mondays, are the best. Hope you had a good one that includes a lot of rainy-day-coffee.


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