Industrial Coffee Works

“Good afternoon, can I offer you something to drink?” the friendly waitress asked, as me and my Aunt settled down. I had a quick look at the coffee section of the menu. “Hmm, Outlaw or Family blend?” “Depends Ma’am, if you like strong coffee then the Outlaw blend is for you.” Never mind the strength of the coffee, being the bad-ass that I am, I obviously opted for the Outlaw blend. “Two Outlaw blend cappuccinos, please.”

The décor is exactly what you would expect it to be – industrial and I love it. Look up to see red pipes dancing on the ceiling, light bulbs hangiicw3ng on for dear life. I admired the attention to detail when it came to the tables, each one has a different industrial fixture on top, and the bottoms are unique to.

The big doors all opened up from side to side, similar to my smile from ear to ear when that Outlaw-Cappuccino arrived. icw1

Not sure why it is called outlaw, I would rather have it be an in-law as I’d marry into this family anytime! Complemented by the company of my Aunt, a bacon and egg wrap and the very comfortable leather chair I was sitting in, I had no other choice but to order one last thing before we go…

icw2 The cold brew – serviced in a jar on a wooden board with their logo printed on it in the corner. Again, attention to detail. I’m not sure what that jar contained, coffee, ice, condensed milk… but it sure was good!

I’ll be back, and next time I’ll behave and try the Family blend.


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