Happy Valentines day!

It’s Tuesday, February the 14th. My Mom brings me coffee in bed, like every other day. I get up. Get dressed. And arrive late for work, like every other day. When I step into my office and see the Sweety Pie my boss left for me on my keyboard and I realize, today is not just like every other day, no. Today. Is. Valentines day…

I go to the kitchen, take out my favorite office mug, add a teaspoon of instant coffee, a slash of milk and wait impatiently for the kettle to finish boiling. You know that sound, when you are pouring the boiling water into you mug? It gives me the feeling, I imagine, any normal girl on Valentines day would feel getting a dozen red roses delivered to their door by NetFlorist. I guess a dozen red roses delivered to my door, would be nice but Valentines day might be dreadful, for most and lovely for the rest. But for me? Well I’m a bit of an inbetweener. Dreadful because, like every other year, I do not have a Valentine and lovely because I have coffee, a family that loves me and a Sweety Pie on my keyboard. What more do I need?

I hope this Valentines day, you drink some good coffee, am in love with someone awesome or just your awesome life and remember that someone out there loves you.

Happy Vday! ♥


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