I’m going to do this!

This is hard. Blogging, you know. Putting yourself and your passions out there like this. I’ve been contenplating this for months now, but haven’t had the courage to write anything… untill now. So, brace yourself because I am going to do this!

My aim is to become a professional barista, coftographer and blogger. You know that feeling you get, when you smell a fresh pot of coffee? Or see the prettiest foam heart in your cappuccino, that makes you believe in love all over again? That. That is what I want people to feel when reading my blog.

I want to capture and express every aspect of coffee and coffee shops. How does coffee shops make me feel? Should employers be required to give the employees filter coffee? Do you had the milk in first when making a crappy cup of instant coffee? Does coffee taste better on rainy days? Does the mug make a difference? And above all, I want to go around South Africa, photographing peoples coffee, expanding my knowledge and ultimately establish this blog as something more than just a bunch of words brewed together by a shy girl who loves coffee.



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